The Mind Blowing Magic Collection

These Magic Tricks Exposed
Are Reputation Makers!


You see I have been performing these very tricks for many years. With this eBook I have taken the trial and error approach away from you. I have simply included the effects which are easy to learn and get the best reactions.

Why bother reading 1000’s of books, pages and pages of ‘filler’ for the odd good trick? My magic tricks exposed eBook is the only one you will ever need to read for 50+ quality, amazing magic tricks exposed in one place.

I’m sure you have seen the sort of reactions David Blaine or Criss Angel get when performing magic on the street, well you can get these too and it will not take you years of practice either.

Here’s just a taste of the effects you’ll master:

diamond bulletINSTANT RUBIK’S CUBE SOLVE: How to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 1 second. (To put this into perspective the world record is just under 10!)

diamond bulletARM TWIST: An amazingly simple technique to enable you to twist your hand and arm a full 360 degrees. Just like Blaine.

diamond bulletCOIN MANIPULATION: Make coins magically stick together and stand to attention at will.

diamond bulletCOIN IN CAN: Slam a signed coin into a sealed soda can. One of the best impromptu effects ever devised.

diamond bulletCUT & RESTORED CURRENCY: Take two ordinary bills and place them together, cut them totally in half then restore them to pristine condition. (Hint: Yes you really do cut the notes!)

diamond bulletCARD EFFECTS: Extremely simple and more advanced card tricks you can pull out at your next poker game!

diamond bulletSELF FOLDING BILL: Make an ordinary bill fold up into a tiny packet in the palm of your hand. Perform this the next time you are paying for something at your local store!

diamond bulletHAUNTED KEY: Take an ordinary household key and make it move, as if by magic. But it doesn’t just move it actually rotates in your hand or on your fingertip totally unsupported! As performed by Paul Daniels. 

diamond bulletBOTTLE CAP LEVITATION: Take any ordinary bottle top and cause it to levitate in mid air. Pass your hands all around it to prove nothing is supporting it. For the finale the cap floats through a solid ring!

diamond bulletPULSE STOP: You read that right, literally stop the pulse in your wrists. So fun to perform at parties and totally harmless!

diamond bulletiCard Trick: Make a spectators chosen card appear on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Shake your iPhone and it comes back out again, but it is miniaturized! This effect floors people.

And that’s not nearly all.

You’ll discover much more in this rare and candid magic tricks exposed eBook.

And what’s really great is that..

You Can Be Learning These Amazing Magic Tricks Exposed
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You can order this amazing eBook package right now and actually start discovering these magic tricks exposed within 30 seconds… yes, that is right… WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be mastering the techniques that’ll transform you into a great magician.

This eBook is an ELECTRONIC book, not a real book you hold. You just click on the link given after payment and download your PDF file and read your ebook, simple.

My magic tricks exposed eBook collection is provided in Adobe PDF format. This format is used because it is readable on multiple platforms, including MAC and Windows computers.

All you need is Adobe Reader which is a free application you probably have on your computer already. If not instructions will be provided to download it for free.

Plus You’ll Get ANOTHER Two Limited Bonuses FREE When You Order My Magic Tricks Exposed.

magic tricks exposed
FREE Bonus #1 ($47 Value): 
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

This is a massive eBook covering a great many card magic tricks exposed. If you are a card magic fan this is not to be missed. This rare book is now out of print …and can only be found here on this very website.

It’s impossible to put a price on the information it contains …but it’s yours free when you place your order before midnight, Sunday, March 18, 2018!

FREE Bonus #2 ($25 Value): Five Video Tutorials For Download.

For another added bonus I am including FIVE free download video tutorials. Some people learn better reading others watching, so if you’re the latter you’re going to love these effects. Watch me do the trick, then I show you how to do it, and remember you can download them to your computer and keep them forever!

These bonus tricks have been devised especially so you can recoup your investment in this course. Use these tricks as ‘proposition bets’ to your friends and family. For example “I bet you five bucks I can make this coin vanish”. You could make $$$’s in no time with these magic tricks exposed…

1. KILLER COIN VANISH – One of the most clean coin vanishes ever devised. Make a borrowed coin literally melt into thin air. Both hands are shown to be completely empty front and back, but at any time you can make it reappear.

2. RISING CARD – Another classic of magic, learn an easy way to make a spectators chosen card rise magically from within the deck. Very cool.

3. SPOON BENDING – Want to be Uri Geller? With this trick you can bend a spoon then restore it in a blink of an eye.

4. CARD ON HAND BALANCE – Take an ordinary playing card that is totally unprepared and balance it on the back of your hand. Spectators will find it impossible to copy you.

5. FRENCH DROP COIN VANISH V2 – Think you know how to perform the french drop coin vanish? Think again. Watch an old trick get reinvented! MORE INFORMATION

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